Vital Mission

Hello Veterans, Military Family, and Community, this site is for you.  The founders, Mike and Tara, are both veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces and wish to provide our viewers with great content that identifies, exemplifies and showcases veteran programs, community outreach and success stories.  Our goal is to show how relevant Veterans are in the community.

Veterans leave the military for many reasons.  Some retire from working or go on to college and obtain degrees, some go to trade schools and receive certification, and some continue into the civilian world with new jobs or create new businesses in their communities. Some go into law enforcement, emergency services, and local politics.

No matter what they do, all Veterans are vital to our communities because they bring from the military valuable experience in leadership, technical capabilities and motivation that is not abundant in other forms of education.  They are typically very successful in many leadership roles if they are able to obtain these roles outside the military.

Unfortunately, there is a broad unfounded view that military veterans are not the best choices for jobs in the civilian sector.  This is a very baseless claim and mindset that Tara and I have experienced personally and have seen throughout the country via military job placement communities, VA statistics and even just our own contacts with Facebook friends.

Our mission is to provide helpful information for veterans, not just to help them transition into their communities, but to help others lose any negative stigma associated with military veterans.  We hope to achieve this with the help of other veterans by asking all of you to provide useful information you think can help with our mission.  Eventually we want to have a package set up for Veterans that is very useful in successfully finding a career or community involvement that leads to one.

We are looking for things that go on in everyday life.  Accomplishments, successes, events and other stories that continue to emphasize how vital Veterans are to every community in the nation.  We accept all forms of content including email, photos and video showcasing what is going on.

“We hope you all find this site to be useful and as we grow with you, we hope to have our viewers help us create a site that is vital to all Veterans”.   ~Mike and Tara, Co-Founders,

It is Vital that we receive your opinion.

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