Ddeb’s Chesapeake- Great Food, Great Atmosphere, Veteran Friendly

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Ddeb’s Taste of Home is located on the intersection of Battlefield Blvd. and Old Road in Chesapeake, VA. See the map below for location and address. Due to it being a bit off the main thoroughfare of Battlefield Blvd. you would miss it unless you were heading there on purpose because it blends in with the surrounding neighborhood. Walking up to the front door it feels like a charming bed and breakfast. Parking is great and there is a wheelchair access ramp.

First impression of the staff is “warm and inviting”.  It is obvious that there is an emphasis on customer satisfaction because all staff members were very friendly, courteous and attentive.


Along with the pleasant staff, the decor is Southern Victorian and I bet you will feel like I did walking into the entrance, as if I was walking into my grandparents’ home or an old world bed and breakfast.  Before going through the double french doors you will notice on both the left and right frot porch area there are outdoor screened-in seating areas for when the season invites it.

Ddeb’s Taste of Home

The atmosphere really does invite you in and the way you are greeted makes it seem like everyone knows each other.  Just to the right of the entrance there is a fireplace and sitting area that opens to more seating in the back.  We were seated to the left of the front hosting desk in a rectangular cozy section of the restaurant.  There are table cloths of the Victorian era but you would not feel over or under dressed in any fashion.  It is completely casual.

This is a perfect venue for an intimate lunch or anniversary dinner with your spouse but due to limited seating you may wish to make reservations ahead of time.  We did not wait long though.  Just note this isn’t a fast food joint so you never know how busy it will be unless you call ahead and see.

I wish to also emphasize that Ddeb’s Taste of Home is very CHILDREN FRIENDLY!  This is important to those who have young ones as I do and my shy 5 year old daughter not only felt comfortable with

Victorian Charm

the staff, she actually spoke with them, which usually takes days of coaxing with other new people.  The children’s menu is embedded in the adult menu but the staff immediately brought my daughter an entire coloring book (with sticker pages in it) and a bowl…yes, a bowl of crayons.

The Food

Crab and Artichoke Dip

Once I opened the menu I ran into an issue because   there were too many entrees I wanted to try.  Like most good home cooked food, it all sounded good.  My wife and I decided to start off with the crab and artichoke dip.  Both of us are mini connoisseurs with this dish and highly criticize when it is not made well.  It was perfect, even the toasted french bread that came on the side was perfect.  Bravo!   When you eat the entire bowl and feel it is not enough than that is a sign it is pretty good.  Not oily or swimming in butter, not too rich either, and there was no holding back on the crab meat—-it was just perfection.  Then we discovered a very unadvertised secret at Ddeb’s, they served us soda bread.  I have to admit, it was my first time hearing of such a thing.  It was like a combination of a biscuit and cake.  DELICIOUS!  Finally I made up my mind about the main dish.  I heard from our server that the owner made her husband this dish prior to their marriage…that is all I had to hear.  You know what they say, a way to a man’s heart…  In order to relate my experience was with Ddeb’s beef stroganov, I need to set this up with a bit of my personal history with this entree.  The common formula for beef stroganov has, for the most part, consisted of strip steak, fettuccine, cream of mushroom base, onion and some common white button mushrooms chopped up or sliced.  Pretty simple.  Maybe I am just uncultured but I do love food and that has been the common form of beef stroganov I have typically encountered.  This is not the case at Ddeb’s.

Soda Bread

Beef Stroganov

As you can see by the photo the common fettuccine is replaced with bow tie, the strip steak is now in the form of huge pot roast chunks, and the sauce…well, I don’t know what is in it but it is definitely all fresh ingredients and by far the best beef stroganov I have ever tasted.  It is hard to tell the size in the photo but the portions are just right for most appetites.  I tend to eat larger portions than the rest of my family (combined) and I was happy.


As indicated in the beginning of this review, the service was a pleasant experience.  This may be a generational statement but I recall a time when service was very good at most venues.  At some point in my adult life I noticed there was a change.  That friendly “what can I do to make things good for you” seemed to become more of an oddity than the standard and even though this is a somewhat generalized statement, I feel it is relatable to mine and previous generations.  The service at Ddeb’s reminds me of how things used to be and without sounding too dramatic, it made me feel a bit sad that this kind of interaction is so rare today.


Ddeb’s menu is pretty diverse and this includes the prices.  I would say the average cost per person who orders a main entree to be between $16-$25.  Children’s meals are much less and a few dishes are a little more but this is a good estimate for adults.  Ddeb’s prices are not cheap, but not too expensive either.  I honestly feel they priced their food appropriate for the quality and service you receive.  I did give a bit lower marks for price though because it is on the higher end of what most may consider in terms of value.  That said, if you are on a budget or a starving student this price point may be a bit high.

Veteran Friendly

One of the most important things to me, and one of the reason I built this website, was to identify and promote products and services from businesses that are military veteran friendly.  This concept goes beyond some discount percentage to service members.  In fact, although businesses commonly show their appreciation for veterans, there are some that really go out of their way to show support.  This can be in the form of shaking your hand and saying “Thank you for your service”, which I personally prefer much more than a discount, to what we see at Ddeb’s.  They do not only say thank you for your service, they discount veterans, they discount their spouses, and they discount the community emergency services personnel such as fire, police and paramedics.  But wait, it gets better.  They also provide discounts to teachers!  For this, Ddeb’s receives my highest recommendation as a veteran friendly business.

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